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The Apprenticeship Program is offering upgraded training for the following classes.  All Apprentices and Journeyman are welcome.  All classes are paid for through the Apprenticeship Journeyman Upgrade Program. Local 11 highly encourages you to take as many of these classes as you can.  As we all know it’s getting to be harder to get on some of these job sites without a lot of these certifications.


• First Aid and CPR

• Scaffold Erection and Safety

• OSHA – 10 & 30 Hour Training

• Blue Print Reading

• Confined Space Training

• Mechanical Lifts

• Steward Training

• American Clay Training

• EFIS Certification

• A.C.I. Certification

• Pervious Concrete Certification

• Line Setting – Grade Stake Readings

• Floor Grinding & Polishing     

• Epoxy Floor Toppings/Staining


Please Click the "Submit Online' Upgrade Form and enter your information, or Download and print the form below, circle which classes that you would like to take, and mail it to the Apprenticeship Coordinator. If you need to renew a class, circle and mark renew with the date it expires. If you have taken any of these classes, Please circle and date when taken. This is very important so that we can get a data base for all of our members of what kind of certifications that they have.  Most of these classes will be done in the member’s home area. Some are subject to size limit so they will be on a 1st come 1st severe basis. If we need to we will put on extra classes to accommodate. Fill out the form and send them via USPS to: Local 11 Apprenticeship Program PO Box 2042, Loves Park, IL 61130. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!







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